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Image Options

A major key to the versatility of the Modello medium is that the adhesive quality of the material allows for the use of either the positive or negative area of the design. After the Modello pattern is cut, the desired areas of the pattern (positive or negative) are removed ("weeded out") prior to our application of the Transfer Tape.

Upon ordering, you wll be asked to specify a positive or negative "weed". We will then remove either the positive design area or the negative space surrounding the design. You will then apply your decorative treatment to the positive areas or negative spaces.

The areas shown in black are the areas that will be "weeded out" from your Modello. The areas shown in white represent the masking material that remains.

Choose a positive weed if you wish to apply a positive image of the design to your surface. This would be the most common application. For instance: painted, glazed, embossed, stained or gilded. These are the types of applications most often associated with stenciling and more traditional approaches.

Choose a negative weed if you wish to use the pattern as a "mask", "resist" or "inlay" and to work within the negative spaces surrounding the design. For negative patterns, you will be masking off the design area, preserving what lies underneath, and applying paint, glaze, etching, stain or texture to the exposed spaces around the design. This will leave the design area as an inlay or "reverse" image. This type of treatment is only possible with Modello Decorative Masking Patterns. We have developed many exciting new looks and techniques around this unique feature.

Here is another example:
For more information on using both positive and negative patterns, please refer to our Methods pages.

There you'll find information on creating wood, plaster and gilded inlays as well as glass etching techniques for negative designs. Positive designs have unlimited applications for embossed effects, paint, stain, glaze, gilding and etching.

AGAIN-The black areas represent the areas of the masking material that are removed and to which decorative paint techniques and finishes will be applied.


How To Order | Image Options | Modello Material Options | Pricing Modello | Return and Cancellation Policies