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Modello Materials Price Chart
NEW Lower Prices Effective 1/1/2011


It's a new decade at Modello Designs! Effective January 1, 2011, we have revised our prices to make Modello patterns MORE economical and easier to order.


In order to accomodate a broader range of customers and streamline estimates, we have:

  • Lowered our "square inch/square foot" prices 30% across the board.
  • Eliminated the "Trade Discount" option.
  • Established a simple, straightforward pricing structure.
  • Maintained attractive discounts on large volume orders.

NOW, Modello patterns are more cost effective, easy to estimate, easy to order, AND easier to sell for your customer's decorating projects.


Modello Designs are priced by the square inch or square foot. Prices are determined by the following factors: Design Level (A,B, etc.), material option and the amount of square footage ordered.


































This chart is provided for your reference. When you enter in your desired design size on the Request Quote form these prices will be automatically calculated for you based on your selections! .

The Request Quote page is reached by selecting the "Get Price Quote and Order" option in the upper right corner of the product detail page (click on a design thumbnail to access) or your from your Design File. Use the Request Quote page to compare pricing on different size and material options. 


We are maintaining our popular program of providing Quantity Discount pricing on high volume orders. Please see below.



















All patterns from our extensive, existing Design Library are cut to order at your specified size base on the pricing structure above.


Any design modifications, alterations or complex layouts required for proofing will be charged Art Design charges, billable at $65/hr ($35 minimum).  Estimates for art charges provided free upon request.


Prices are subject to change without notice.




This limits our liability.

Please read this statement.


Modello Designs has no control over actual use or method of application of this product.  Liability is limited to no more than the replacement of defective product.


Modello Designs’ Decorative Masking Patterns are cut from adhesive materials.  Due to the inherent nature of this product no express or implied representations or warranties are given to the purchaser or user of this product regarding the legal or other consequences that may result from the use of this product by itself or in conjunction with any other product.  Modello Designs is not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability or damage (“damages”) related to purchaser’s use of this product whether from errors in application, reactions of applied products, environmental conditions, structural conditions, surface conditions or misuse by consumer.


While we believe our product is compatible with most structural surfaces and commonly used mediums we cannot represent or guarantee that every structural surface or applied medium will satisfactorily work with this product.  User assumes all risk and liability and is encouraged to test the compatibility of intended structural surfaces and mediums with the Modello before project application.  Modello “test” samples are available upon request.



How To Order | Image Options | Modello Material Options | Pricing Modello | Return and Cancellation Policies