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How To Order | Image Options | Modello Material Options | Pricing Modello | Return and Cancellation Policies

Shopping and Ordering

All Modello Designs are custom-sized and cut to order. Ordering Modello Designs is an easy two-step process.

Step 1
Select your patterns. Select your options on the Request Quote page. Submit your request by email.

Step 2
We'll contact you to confirm your selections, process, cut and ship your custom Modello. (generally within 2-3 business days from receipt of your order)

Shopping for Modellos
You will find our ever-growing selection of patterns in the
Design Library. Our designs are grouped into style collections (Art Deco, Ornamental, etc.) and from there into sub-categories (motifs, corners, panels, etc.)

Click on a thumbnail to open up the product detail window. If you wish to get a quote on  pricing for a particular pattern, click on the Shopping Cart icon or "Get Quote and Order" in the product detail window and you will be taken to the Request Quote page.

There, you'll see your pattern and have the opportunity to easily calculate the price for that pattern based on your selections of size, quantity and material choices. Feel free to play with various options. The Price Calculator will do all the math for you!

Use the Back button to return to the Design Library to make another selection.

If you wish to continue to purchase, simply fill out the rest of the 
Request Quote form and hit the Send Quote button at the bottom of the page. Important: Sending the Request Quote form does not constitute a commitment to purchase on your part.

We will contact you within one business day to confirm and begin processing your order.

Using Design Files
We have created a very special feature for your shopping convenience. It is called My Design File. To utilize this feature you must be a registered user and signed in. Registration is FREE and gives you the ability to organize designs and files for later use.

As you are looking around the site, you can save individual patterns to design files that you create.

Create files for specific projects, customer jobs or favorite motifs-The choice is yours!

Each time you come back to the site and sign in your files will be there waiting for you.

Setting up your Design Files will also allow you to send multiple patterns within the file to the Request Quote page from your individual Design Files to get price calculations on the entire group at once.

Modello Fax Order Form
If you wish to fax in your order, simply fill out the Modello Fax Order Form.pdf and Fax to (619)271-1472.

How To Order | Image Options | Modello Material Options | Pricing Modello | Return and Cancellation Policies