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Methods > Basics > Roller Painting

Roller Painting Modellos

Roller painting is an easy and effective method of applying solid color through a Modello onto a smooth surface.


A smooth surface, as opposed to a semi-smooth or textured surface, is key to achieving a clean edge and print. A textured surface may allow some of the paint to seep under the edges of the Modello if the adhesive pattern cannot be completely burnished to the surface. A light “orange-peel” or slightly bumpy texture may be acceptable if a very dry roller is used to apply multiple, thin coats of paint.


Follow the Basic Modello Installation instructions for applying the Modello to the surface. Be sure to burnish the Modello well.


Protect the area surrounding the Modello from the roller by appling a "frame" of tape around it. Use wide tape, such as this 2" Easy Mask Paper Tape.


Load a dense, 4” foam roller with the desired color of paint.


Offload excess, drippy paint by rolling over a stack of paper towels.





Roll on to the surface using a medium, even pressure. It is best to roll over an area multiple times with a lighter pressure that to press hard, which forces paint off the roller unevenly. Apply additional coats, as necessary, allowing each layer of paint to dry in between coats.


Allow paint to dry completely before removing the Modello. Attempting to remove the Modello while the paint is still wet can result in damage (fingerprints, etc.) in your painted pattern. Also, some latex paints need to be fully dry before they will pull with a clean, sharp edge. For this project, Black AquabondTM  from Faux Effects® was used. If you wish, substitute with highest quality latex paint.


“Insurance” Option 

To ensure and “insure” against any possible seepage of paint under the Modello patter, you may opt to seal the pattern before painting with a clear sealer/topcoat. See Glazing Modellos .

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