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Methods > Basics > Multi-Layer Modellos

Multi-Layer Modellos

Most Modello Designs are cut from a single layer of material. Some Modellos, however, can be used to create multi-layered effects. A simple registration system makes accurately aligning multiple layers a snap.


Multi-layer Modellos utilize pinpoint registration marks similar to those used with precut stencils. Each layer will contain small cut triangles in them that should be transferred to the surface when completing the first layer-prior to removing the Modello.



Transfer the registration mark to the surface by tracing the entire shape of the triangle (as opposed to simply placing a dot or mark) with a soft lead or neutral watercolor pencil. As an alternative to marking the surface, lift back that part of the Modello and place a piece of painter’s tape underneath. Make your mark on the tape for later removal.




Apply whatever method you are using for the first layer. In this case, black paint is being used and applied with a dense foam roller. See Roller Painting Modellos.







Allow the paint to dry fully before removing the first layer. Avoid cheap latex paints, which have a lot of fillers and vinyl in them. They will not want to pull cleanly. Use a best quality 100% acrylic latex paint, or craft acrylic paint if your project is small.







When aligning the second layer, peel pack both the Transfer Tape and Release Paper in the corners to expose the registration marks.Reducing the tack of the adhesive will allow you to position the pattern accurately without have it “grab” onto the surface.





Reduce the tack by applying a small amount of Baby Powder or chalk to the adhesive surface, or by repeatedly pressing the exposed adhesive to a fabric surface.


Reducing the tack will allow you to move the Modello into position more easily while lining up your registration marks-with out having the adhesive "grab" onto the surface.






Carefully line up the cut registration mark on the second layer over the one thqat was marked on the first layer and affix the Modello to the surface with a secure tape “hinge”. First burnish, and then flip the Modello back and completely remove the Release Paper and apply to the surface according the Basic Modello Installation instructions.





Complete the second layer. Here, an opaque metallic gold is being used with a traditional dry-brush stenciling method.








Remove the second layer after the paint has been allowed to dry completely to avoid smudging the wet paint. 

Foilin Around - I

Foilin Around -S

Stencil Impressions - T

Stencil Impressions - S



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