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Methods > Basics > Large Modello Installation

Large Modello Installation

Modellos allow you to to work with large-scale designs like never before-and at an affordable price. Now you can work with large panel motifs, ceiling medallions and floor patterns in a way that is efficient, cost effective and easy to handle. Follow the steps below for installing large Modello patterns.

Tape the design in place and carefully check its placement prior to application. Use a large level to check that the design is level and plumb. Double check your measurements prior to exposing the adhesive side and applying it to your surface. In carpentry, the saying goes "measure twice, cut once". With Modellos, the saying is now "measure twice, apply once."

Run a tape "hinge" along one long side of the Modello and remove the tape from the top edge. Take care to use tape that is large enough and strong enough to keep your Modello securely in place while you complete the next step.

Roll the Modello back (right) and flip it to the other side of the tape "hinge", like turning a page in a book.

Begin to peel the Release Paper backing beginning at the "hinged" taped edge (now on the left, but covered) to expose the adhesive side of the Modello. Start at one corner and work your way down along the edge.

Continue pulling the Release Paper back at a 180-degree angle. Pull slowly to ensure that the paper is releasing cleanly and not pulling any of the Modello along with it. Expose as much of the adhesive as you wish. At right, about 10" has been exposed and the Release Paper is being creased.

Now grab the Modello from the other (loose) end and roll the exposed adhesive area back on to the surface. Hold it perpendicular to the wall as you press it onto the wall beginning right at the taped "hinged" edge. Don't allow it to simple drop onto the surface-you must roll and control.

Use your hand to smooth and apply the Modello to the surface. The Modello is not flimsy as it is reinforced and stabilized by the Transfer Tape which is on top. This size Modello is quite manageable for one person-but another set of hands can be helpful!

Now flip the Modello back on itself again (to the right) and continue pulling off the Release Paper backing-always slowly and at a 180-degree angle. Try to keep your hands flat on the surface as you pull back.

Continue to pull and apply in manageable sections, flipping the Modello from left to right and back again, exposing the adhesive and then rolling that section onto the surface as you go.

Use a wide plastic taping knife (available in the drywall section of your home/hardware store) to smooth the final section to the surface, always working from the center to the edges and controlling the exposed adhesive area to keep it from attaching to the surface on its own.

Use the same taping knife to burnish the adhesive Modello well onto the surface, using a firm pressure to ensure complete adhesion.

Now pull the Transfer Tape off from one edge. As with the Release Paper, always pull at a 180-degree angle. Roll or fold the sticky side of the Transfer Tape onto itself as you pull to keep it manageable.

You are now ready to apply the technique of your choice: painting, glazing, stencil shading, embossing, gilding??

If you wish to apply different colors in different areas, simply use painter's tape to seal off and protect elements of the design as you work.


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