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Methods > Basics > Border Installation
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Border Installation

Modello borders are an ideal alternative to traditional stencils when you want to employ a specialized technique (multi-colored or textured embossing, venetian plaster, gilding, glass etching, wood inlays, columns, etc.) Obviously, if you are simply seeking to repeat a long run of a border pattern with a more traditional painting technique then stenciled borders remain your best alternative. Utilize Modello borders in smaller areas or with specialized techniques that could not be accomplished easily or quickly with stencils.

Used in the right places and situations, Modello borders can be cost-effective time savers that allow for more creativity and customization.

Make any necessary marks on the top Transfer Paper to help you ensure that your border is being placed "level". Here, a straight-edge was use to mark a pen line along the bottom edge of the border pattern. Note: The pattern is much easier to see in "real life". Tape it in place along the top or ends to check the levelness.

Burnish, as always, after the Modello is in place and just before removing the Release Paper backing. "Burnishing" simply means applying a hard pressure to the surface to ensure good, even adhesion. Notice that blue tape has been place along the bottom edge to secure it. 

Remove the tape from the top edge and allow the Modello to drop down. This demo assumes that the border will be applied along a ceiling line-hence the drop "down". This approach also takes advantage of gravity, rather than fighting it by lifting the Modello "up". Whatever works for your situation is fine!

Next, carefully remove the Release Paper backing, starting at one edge. Notice that the Release Paper is pushed flat to the surface at a 180-degree angle with the flat of the hand. This ensure that it will release cleanly from the adhesive Modello.

When the Release Paper has been removed, pull the Modello taught in the center with one hand as you use the other hand to smooth and apply the Modello to the surface from the bottom taped edge up. Always make sure that you control the Modello and only allow it to adhere to the surface when and where you want it to.

Continue smoothing from the center outward and from the taped edge up. Burnish the Modello well before removing the protective Transfer Tape. See Basic Modello Installation  instructions for further information.

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