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Methods > FREE Modello Finish Recipes > Fools in Love

Fools in Love

This whimsical wall treatment was created as a display for our Modello trade show booth. It uses the popular technique of troweling plaster through patterned lace over Metallic Foil to create a delightful interplay of shimmer and color. In this case though, the technique is applied solely through the open areas of the Modello Designs Decorative Masking Pattern, using one of our new Silhouette shapes. The overwhelmingly positive response to this unique look and combination of colors and materials makes me want to share the simple steps. I think that it could be easily adapted to a variety of different design motifs, color palettes and decorating schemes.

Materials and Products Used

Modello Designs Decorative Masking Patterns: OrnCor101, SilMot179
Metallic Foils: Celadon, Candy Apple Red, Caribbean Blue Wundasize
Shimmerstone Alabaster (tinted to lightest color value) OR Faux Effects Lusterstone in Queen Anne’s Lace
Modern Masters Metallic Paints: Sage, Rose, Shimmering Sky Modern Masters Extender for Rolling

Tools Used

Japanese Trowel
Soft Rubber Trowel

Step 1
Use a Japanese Trowel to trowel the entire background with two or more layers of Alabaster Shimmerstone. Allow to dry.

Step 2
Place the Modello patterns according to the Installation Instructions. For this pattern the separately colored areas will need to be done one at a time and tape will need to be used to isolate the different areas.

Step 3
For each isolated area you will apply Wundasize with a short nap roller ( I highly recommend using a Velour Roller ) and allow it to come “to tack” in about 15-20 minutes. Transfer the foil according to manufacturer’s directions using a stiff bristled scrub brush.

Step 4
Stretch a piece of fabric lace over the area and tack into place. Carefully trowel a thin layer of Alabaster Shimmerstone through the lace and remove. Rinse the lace out immediately and allow to dry before using again. Allow the Shimmerstone to dry completely.

Step 5
Mix the appropriate corresponding Metallic Paint color that coordinates with the foil color with about 20% Extender for Rolling to extend the open time and translucency of the paint. The color combinations are as follows: Celedon Foil/Sage Metallic Paint, Candy Apply Red Foil/Rose Metallic Paint, Caribbean Blue Foil/Shimmering Sky Metallic Paint. Use a Soft Rubber Trowel to trowel the paint/glaze mix over and into the embedded lace pattern. Allow to dry and move on to the next color area.

Step 6
After all color areas are complete remove the Modello patterns and enjoy!

Note: The corner designs, bird house pole, mask and flower stem were JUST done with Celadon Metallic Foil.


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