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Methods > Basics > Glazing Modellos

Glazing Modellos


It’s easy to incorporate glazed paint treatments with Modellos on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces. The key to success lies in sealing the edges of the Modello first to prevent excess, wet glaze from seeping under the adhesive pattern.


Apply the Modello according to the Basic Modello Installation  instructions.


Use a dense foam or low-nap roller to apply a thin coat of a clear sealer such as AquasealTM  or your favorite brand of water-based Satin Varnish. Be sure that you are sealing all edges. Allow to dry for 2 hours minimum.


Roll or brush the glaze onto the surface.

Now apply the decorative glazed treatment of your choice. In this case a simple stria technique is used.







Allow the glaze to dry for at least two hours to ensure that you do not damage or disturb the finish when removing the Modello.


Here is the same technique and pattern, but using a more-on-tone color scheme.




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