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Methods > Silhouettes and Stencils > Gingko Leaves
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Gingko Leaves

This project, done in one of our offices combines Large Gingko Leaf Modello Silhouette patterns with kimono-inspired stencils from Royal Design Studio. It was done with a metallic plaster called Portofino which is available from www.metallicmart.com. The colors used were Chinchilla, Brazil Nut and Cranberry. An additional color called Jasmine was used for the stenciling.

After the Modello Silhouette patterns were randomly placed on the green painted walls of the room, the three base colors were troweled on in two layers using a Japanese Trowel.

When dry, the stencil patterns were added while keeping the Modello Masking Patterns still in place. Some of the leaves received just allover patterns and some were done with just random elements. Others still, combined both. The Portofino product works great for the stenciling as it has good coverage and dries quickly.

For more drama, use a soft rubber trowel or spatula to apply a thin layer of Golden's Glass Bead Gel through some of the stencil elements. The Glass Bead Gel will dry clear and the underlying colors will shine and sparkle through the tiny glass beads, adding a nice reflective quality to your designs. Be sure to apply it thinly, as building up a thick layer will tend to leave a milky, frosty look.

This detail shows the random application of the Golden Glass Bead Gel through the Japanese Ferns stencils. Applying the Glass Bead Gel selectively rather than through all the stencil areas actually adds more impact!

You can find the Large Gingko Leaf Silhouette Modellos and kimono-inspired Japanese mylar stencil patterns by clicking here!

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