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The Modello Revolution | Modello or Stencil? | Our Mission and Vision | The Modello Advantage

Modello Designs Mission

Modello Designs mission is to provide the decorative arts and architectural design communities with a unique, valuable and versatile medium and method for the artistic application of custom pattern and design to a multitude of surfaces: Walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, wood, concrete, glass and metal. Our ongoing commitment is to continually advance the quantity, quality and efficient delivery of our product for our customers and to be a force in the creation of ever-expanding opportunities for the use and application of Modelloâ patterns in architectural surface decoration.

Modello Designs Vision

Our ongoing vision is to continually expand the design choices and potential decorative applications of our Modello decorative masking patterns for our customers, so that we can grow together as the need that we create for our product increases and the techniques and end results that are now achievable become increasingly desired and demanded.

We will empower, inspire and retain our customers by meeting a high standard of unparalleled customer service, offering creative inspiration through the sharing of ongoing artistic experimentation and providing our customers with the ongoing instructional support that they need to complete satisfying and successful projects with our products. We will accomplish this through our personal communications with our customers as well as through the information that is available through our catalog, website, inspirational books, workshops and educational materials.

We realize and never forget that our customers are our primary sales force. Our paramount goal is to empower them with the proper tools to inspire “their” customers to allow them to purchase “our” product. We will constantly create, improve on and enhance the sales tools that we provide them with, develop ever-better ways to guide them successfully through the presentation and ordering process, and offer incomparable support to ensure their project’s success through the information and educational that we make available to them.

The Modello Revolution | Modello or Stencil? | Our Mission and Vision | The Modello Advantage