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The Modello Revolution | Modello or Stencil? | Our Mission and Vision | The Modello Advantage

The Modello Advantage

Custom      Creative      Cost-Effective

While there is no one tool, technique or medium that "does it all", Modello Designs offers clear advantages for many design and decorating projects and challenges.

Have it Your Way
You are no longer forced to choose from stock patterns in standard sizes. With Modello, patterns are custom-sized and cut to order. The same medallion design can cut at 6" diameter for a side table-top, or at 6' diameter for a soaring ceiling centerpiece.

Existing designs are easily altered to suit your needs and completely custom designs can be created for all those "special" situations. The custom pattern at left was created specifically to complement the chandelier. This custom Modello was cut in one piece, installed quickly, gilded and antiqued.

A New World of Techniques and Surface Applications

Modellos offer an infinite number of new possibilities for pattern and design choices, ways to apply them and surfaces to decorate them with. Because of Modellos unique adhesive quality and method of application to the surface, designs can applied in either a "positive" or "negative" manner.
Explore new techniques with texture, inlaid pattern (shown right), gilding, glass, concrete and more in our Methods area.

Time=Money: Save Both
Modellos not only offer unique design and surface treatment options, they can be a highly cost-effective tool in many situations-even when they are created for one time use.

Large-scaled patterns, like the panel shown at left, can be easily applied to the surface in one large piece. Specialty techniques such as embossed (or raised) pattern can be completed efficiently and quickly, without the need for repositioning, manipulating and repeatedly cleaning a stencil.

The custom ceiling panel pattern at right provides an excellent example of an ultimate use for a Modello design.

The custom pattern was created to fit perfectly into the project parameters and cut from a single piece: 40" wide by 10' long. The artist and her assistant were able to install the Modello and complete the stenciling in less than an hour's time!

Even repetitive patterns, such as borders can be applied in a more cost-effective means in certain situations, particularly embossing, gilding and inlaid pattern-by cutting installation time from a matter of days into a matter of hours.

For completely customized pattern and design, creative and artistic applications, and a cost-effective way in which to apply them-Modello Designs offers a revolutionary new tool and a clear advantage.

Experience the Modello advantage for yourself. Order one of our specially-priced Sample Sets today.


The Modello Revolution | Modello or Stencil? | Our Mission and Vision | The Modello Advantage