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We have combined various designs from our Design Library and beyond to create these beautiful carpet and panel designs in standard sizes.

-Create elegant "Concrete Carpets" by combining them with concrete overlayments, stains and integrally colored cementitious products such as SkimStone.

-Use them in combinations with gel stains and to create the look of inlaid marquetry on wood floors or paint and glaze on other hard floor surfaces and even floorcloths.

-Place them on walls and ceilings with techniques from gilding to low-relief embossing with venetian and metallic plaster materials. Smaller carpet/panel designs (45" width and under) will be cut as one complete pattern. Larger designs are cut into sections and come with a layout guide.


Pricing Note: These designs are offered at reduced pricing in "pre-set" sizes. They are sold "as shown" only. Any requested changes to the art, including resizing, will result in additional design and materials charges. We would be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a customized quote.


With Modello Designs Decorative Masking Patterns the black areas shown represent those areas of the design that are "weeded out" or removed and through which the decorative technique will be applied (embossing, stain, paint, etc). The white areas represent those areas of the design that will be masked off.

You can request a PDF file containing line art of this design to use for color planning and presentation.

*All color carpet artwork is computer generated.

 Click Here to View Color Design Idea 

Item# Description Price Qty
CC115S  45" x 63.5", 4 mil white  $154.00
CC115M  60" x 85", 4 mil white  $275.00

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