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The Art of Living

The Art of Living Project, created by Barb Skivington and Melanie Royals in 2006, was conceived as an opportunity to nurture creative lifestyles and livelihoods by designing decorative painting projects that would help to elevate decorative art in general, as well as the artists that participate in these projects.

An additional intent is to use these projects to educate the design community about the ever intriguing and expanding possibilities of incorporating decorative finishes into interior designscapes, and ultimately, to use the projects as a form of fundraising for local charities by opening the locations for touring.

The first Art of Living project took place in Brandywine, PA and included 20 participant artist/apprentices who learned and worked over two 5-day sessions to transform 10 interior spaces in a French Country-style home.

This new Art of Living book-Decorative Finishes Inspired by the South of France, chronicles the project from inspiration to execution. It features step-by-step instruction for each of the 12 unique finishes that were completed at the Brandywine house along with the beautifully photographed finished spaces, biographies of the participants, product and tool glossaries, basic stenciling instruction and a Resource Guide.

The featured finishes include: Faux Wood Inlay, Gilded Chateau Ceiling, Aged Italian Brown Leather, Bronze Bas Relief Fruit, Reverse Gilding on Glass, Cherry Blossoms, Country Chateau Plaster, French Distressed Damask, Designer Patterned Stripes, French Putty Plaster, Tumbled Marble Tiles and yummy Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (a Venetian Plaster treatment!).

For more information on Art of Living projects, please visit www.artoflivingonline.com

 Look inside the book! 

Item# Description Price Qty
RDS ARTOFLIVING1  Decorative Finishes Inspired by the South ofFrance  $9.95

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